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Timex Ironman One Smartwatch – Big Face, Big Price

timex ironman one priceThe Timex Ironman One is among the top anticipated brands to enter the smartwatch market, and not only due to the Timex reputation. The Ironman One packs some impressive features, most notably the fact that it’s a phone-free smartwatch. This means it can communicate without being connected to a smartphone, something that most other smartwatches currently on the market are unable to do. The Ironman One price may still come as a shock.

Is The Ironman One Worth The Money?

The phone-free feature in the wrist gadget department understandably brings a heftier pricetag, but the Ironman One clocks in at just at $400, which is considerably pricier than other smartwatches currently out there. The price does include your first year of mobile data through AT&T,  but there’s no word yet on what the charge will be annually for data through AT&T after the first year.

Let’s first clarify that while this watch does allow for phone-free communication, it does not make calls. The mobile data allows you to send and receive messages, and it also boasts a special SOS alert which sends a message with your location to friends or family in the event of an emergency.

The Ironman  hosts a number of fitness-related features such as a heart rate monitor, GPS, 4GB of memory for music, and a tracker which allows friends and family to track your progress and location in real time, say if you’re running a triathalon, hence it’s name. It’s definitely geared more toward fitness lovers than tech geeks.

However, many may be turned off at the actual size of the watch. The watch face is pretty huge at 2.52″ wide but it does allow for an impressive 1.5″ color display that is easily readable in any light.

The market is still new, and many people are still on the fence about smartwatches, I think Timex will see a smaller but more dedicated audience for it’s smartwatch compared to some of the other players. Runners, triathletes, hardcore fitness junkies, as well as campers/hikers will be drawn to the Ironman One, but others won’t deem the watch attractive enough for the high price tag, but we’ll see soon, as this phone-free smartwatch is available for preorder now, with an estimated ship date sometime in November.

In the meantime, take a look for yourself, and let us know what you think.

Below are some more features:

  • All-in-one solution provides GPS fitness tracking, built-in music player, phone-free communication and a vivid color, touchscreen display
  • Built-in connection to mobile network enables phone-free messaging (send and receive)
  • Instafix GPS provides fast connection and accurate distance and pace
  • 4GB built-in music player can stream music wirelessly to Bluetooth®-compatible headsets
  • Phone-free live tracking allows friends to see progress and location
  • SOS feature quickly pushes out a pre-set message to deisgnated contacts
  • Find-Me feature allows designated contacts to see your location when the watch is on
  • Bluetooth® compatibility with heart rate monitor, foot pod and wireless headphones
  • Additional performance features include customizable interval timers, audible and vibrating pace and heart rate alerts and notifications when you’ve achieved a personal record
  • Phone-free wireless upload of performance data to leading fitness sites like MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Strava and More
  • Always-on, sunlight-readable, touchscreen Qualcomm MIRASOL® display
  • One year of mobile data service included– Connected by AT&T (feature changes by market)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 8-hour life in full GPS and cellular-connected mode (4-hour life when music player is also running.)
  • Watch water-resistant-rated to 50 meters (GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular features not available underwater)
  • INDIGLO® night-light


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