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Patent Filing Reveals Name and Design of Apple Smartwatch

There’s been much speculation since 2012 about the Apple smartwatch, which everyone has believed would be called iWatch. However, a patent filing indicates that Apple’s wearable tech device will be called iTime and is described as a “wrist-worn electronic device”.

According to the patent filings, the iTime device will be square and the main part of the iTime device will be removable from the bands. It will also interact wirelessly with mobile phones, computers and laptops.

Rumors have it that Apple will announce iTime on their September 9th unveiling of the iPhone 6. In the meantime, check out the full iTime patent documents and photos.

No matter what it’s called, we are all looking forward to the unveiling of the Apple smartwatch and there’s no doubt that Apple lovers will be scrambling to get their hands on one.

Apple files for patent for iTime / iWatch - the new Apple Smartwatch Apple files for patent for iTime / iWatch - the new Apple Smartwatch

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